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What Makes Us Different

Our clients do business with us because we are passionate about helping investors succeed, we are excellent at what we do, and we respect the dignity of others.


Investor Driven

It is our passion for helping investors succeed that is at the very essence of this business. Specifically, we love rental properties and the effective part they can play in a robust investment strategy.  We know the highs and lows that come with real estate investing, and are committed to being a key member of our client's teams for the journey. We want our clients to have a rewarding experience with their real estate investments and consider it an honour to assist them in managing their properties.

Dynamic Excellence

We say dynamic excellence because property management is definitely dynamic and requires supreme excellence. For us at Wisteria Homes, excellence is not something we do… it is something we are. Every activity we engage in is done with the utmost attention to detail. Backed by our detailed systems and structures, our team is determined to set a new standard of excellence in our industry.

Inherent Dignity

Those who work with us know that we are pragmatic in how we relate to real estate. That pragmatism must never come at the cost of treating anyone with anything less than the utmost dignity. We believe that Landlord/ Tenant relationships will be better when we respect the dignity of the other, even when things don't go as planned.

Clean Neighborhood

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